Trends Suck

5 Dec

By David Castagno

Friday November 18, 2011 is a day that will go down in history as yet another step towards that final blow which will hopefully knockout the vampire trend and put it to rest in a light filled coffin.  This Friday will mark the release of part one in the film version of the final book in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn.  So guys clench your jaw, put on that fake smile and take a trip to the movies with your girlfriend, wife and/or daughter and enjoy the first installment of the final Twilight film.

But for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past half-decade let me explain to you the vampire trend that has stemmed from the seed that is the Twilight Saga.  The first book of the four book series came out in 2005.  It is set in an inconspicuous town on Washington called Forks.  It is a love story between a human and a vampire, blah, blah, blah.  What makes this trend even more inexplicably strange to me is the fact that Twilight is just a modern day version of the classic that is Dracula. Dracula was just like any other man, he just wanted to be loved, but do to his circumstance and blood lust it was hard for him.  Edward Cullen the main vampire hero is very much the same as Dracula, he falls for Bella Swan, the books main character and can almost immediately not control his thirst for her blood. But in a sense Edward is truly just a modern day Dracula, granted Dracula was a little more frightening, I mean a vampire who can’t go in the sun because he sparkles isn’t exactly bad a**.

What seems even more baffling is the fact that it is not only young adults that seem to be drawn to this vampire trend.  I have witnessed full grown middle-aged women fawning over the Twilight books as if David Cassidy had just taken a picture with them at a Partridge Family reunion show.

Pam Bierly a mother of three said “Oh sure I love the Twilight books and movies, I mean I know its childish but they are entertaining and it is a way for me to relate to my two daughters.”

“Its kind of weird when my mom asks me about what’s going on in the books,” says Kate Bierly the youngest daughter of Pam and the biggest Twilight fan in the house.  Kate belongs to a group that has been simply dubbed the “Tweens.”  For those of you who do not have children or have not had the pleasure (all sarcasm intended) of interacting with “Tweens” they are simply this: a young person that falls between the child and teenage years, who likes to hang out at the movies on Friday nights without actually seeing a movie and is in most cases constantly arguing for either Team Jacob or Team Edward.  If you do not understand my last remark, it was simply a jab at the incredulous argument between which of the Twilight Saga heroes is better than the other.

With this being said it is funny to see the books and films, which were initially intended for older audiences being indoctrinated to the youth of today.  Parker Bierly the eldest daughter of Pam Bierly and high school student said “I liked the Twilight stuff at first, but then it started to become popular, and that’s when the younger crowd got to it, they totally killed it for me.”

So is it strange to see a trend such as the vampire obsession become so popular in the United States?

The answer is simply no.

Why you ask?

It all has to do with our ability as human beings to take something that is as hyped as the vampire trend and immediately suck it for all its worth (no pun intended) by spreading it so thin that we see new vampire based stories everywhere we look.  Now I know that True Blood is an entertaining show and The Vampire Diaries is still doing pretty well in the ratings categories, but why?  Aren’t any of us getting sick of it yet?  I hope the answer is yes, because as I see the Twilight franchise coming to an end I smile with joy and pray that with the release of Part 2 of Breaking Dawn in November of 2012 we will see this vampire trend fade away like so many tends have done in the past.  I mean hello, parachute pants, those were cool for like a week, and that was only until MC Hammer went bankrupt and couldn’t afford anymore.  So will 2012 mark the end of a trend that has  worked it’s way into the very fabric of our lives, I guess we will see.


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